WEB Information and Infrastructure Managment Sistem

Web Information and Infrastructure Management System (WIIMS) is a web based software. 


WIIMS makes it easy to manage all your infrastructure and resources in an efficient and rational way, saving your time and money.


Imagine additional revenue offering your visitors a free, web based booking and reservation of your infrastructure and resources.


Visitors increasingly expect online booking, reservations and payment for almost every type of service.

Moving to an online WIIMS solution will cover these expectations with numerous additional benefits for all type of different organisations.


Online web infrastructure management means that visitors do all the work, inputting their own required details and select products they require.

At the other side infrastructure owner benefit from instant access to a secure database with up-to-date booking and reservation information. Depending of payment system they can choose a Credit Card payment - CCP, pay by preform invoice - PPI, PayPal or any other type of electronic payment for their service.


Ask yourself what it would mean for your organisation if you had a simple, integrated form in your webpage or a complex application which provides both -online web based bookings and reservations for your infrastructure as well as back office management too?


WIIMS development process requires following steps and activities

  • Requirement analysis 
  • Specification implementation
  • Architecture design
  • Development and testing 
  • Deployment and maintenance
  • Other activities

Requirements analysis 

The most important task is creating a WIIMS products that extracts all requirements for infrastructure owner. Infrastructure managers and infrastructure operators always have an abstract idea of an end result without knowing what software could or should do.


Specification implementation

There are many reasons for implementation of already tested software solutions of WIIMS. 


Specification implementation is one of the primary purposes on team projects which will achieve team consensus of infrastructure owner and infrastructure operators as well. Typically, such consensus is reached after more reviews by the infrastructure owners and infrastructure operators. The specification implementation typically describes what is needed by the software to be implement and change as well as requested properties of inputs and outputs of data, reports, ...


Architecture design

The architecture design of a software systems WIIMS refers to an abstract definition of an individual software system like: lygolf, lytenis, lypool ... Making sure the single software sistem will incorporate all requirements of the product. The architecture design also manage relations between the single software system and the underlying hardware or the host operating system.


Development and testing 

Development is the process where software programmers actually program the code for the specific aplication. Software testing is very important task of the software development process. Testing is the process witch ensures that programmers can early remove all bugs and done bugs-free software throughout development.


Deployment and maintenance

Deployment of the specific software starts when the programms are appropriately tested and approved by programmers and infrastructure operators. Deployment ends after specific WIIMS aplication is distributed into a production environment.

Maintenance of WIIMS aplications software starts with discovering problems or new requirements witch take more time than the initial development of the software. Usually infrastructure operators are requesting more functionality and WIIMS aplications can be upgraded to their requests.


Other activities

  • Software documentation
  • Software training
  • Promotion and distribution of WIIMS aplications
  • Graphic desig adaptation of WIIMS aplications